Jonathan Zittrain – The Future of the Internet – And How to Stop It (video)

Here is video of Jonathan Zittrain’s talk last Friday:

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  • There are a limited number of free DVD’s of this talk available via ISOC-NY – email if interested.
  • The book can be obtained directly from the publishers Yale University Press ($30) or, possibly cheaper, from Amazon.
  • The entire book can be downloaded for free here [pdf .2.8MB]
  • The entire content can be read online and, indeed, commented on, via a click on the banner below.

    More info:

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    1. Thanks Josh

      I didn’t link there because it’s not a permalink – it’s a bit short-sighted of the BR not to link directly to the responses from the article itself eh? Or maybe it’s deliberate – they want to drive traffic to the front door.


    2. Prof. Zittrain appeared on the Charlie Rose show on May 13 2008. Charlie asks excellent questions starting about 15 mins in:

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