Two-Year study of Global Internet Traffic

arbor networksArbor Networks, the University of Michigan and Merit Network today announced that they will be presenting the Internet Observatory Report‘ at NANOG47 in Dearborn, MI on October 19.  The report is believed to be the largest study of global Internet traffic ever and was carried out over 2 years.

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FCC publishes Global Broadband Study draft

berkman center In July the FCC announced that, in the context of a its own broadband planning, it had commissioned the Berkman Center to do a study of the state of broadband development worldwide.

A draft – Next Generation Connectivity:A review of broadband Internet transitions
and policy from around the world
– has just been published. The FCC is asking for comments before Nov 16.
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NYC Broadband report presentation Wednesday

NYC sealOn Wednesday, July 30th at 11:00am there will be a briefing from the Mayor’s Office and Diamond Consultants for the Broadband Advisory Committee regarding the Bloomberg Administration’s plans for bridging the digital divide in New York City.

Diamond Consultants was hired by the New York City Economic Development Corporation to determine the breadth of the digital divide in New York City and develop programs and initiatives to provide greater digital inclusion for all residents. Chris O’Brien, a Partner in Diamond’s Public Sector practice, will be detailing Diamond’s findings and its recommendations for the City’s next steps.

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A Framework For A National Broadband Policy (report)

Aspen InstituteIn a new report from the Aspen Institute Professor Philip Weiser of the University of Colorado at Boulder offers a series of specific and concrete policy recommendations for expanding access, affordability, and adoption of broadband in the United States.
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StopBadware labels RealPlayer as badware, the consumer protection initiative backed by the Berkman Center and the Oxford Internet Institute, today released an alert declaring RealPlayer to be badware.

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Discovery InstituteEstimating the Exaflood: The Impact of Video and Rich Media on the Internet, a report released by the Discovery Institute estimates that by 2015 annual U.S. Internet and IP traffic will reach 1,000 exabytes, or one zettabyte, which is one million million billion bytes of data. Continue reading