WEBCAST @UN #UNGAWSISReview Meetings in NYC Wednesday / Thursday #WSIS #IGF

WSIS+10 In August 2014 the United Nations General Assembly, in its resolution 68/302 on the modalities for the overall review by the Assembly of the implementation of the outcomes of the World Summit on the Information Society – aka WSIS+10 – decided that that the overall review will be concluded by a two-day high-level meeting of the Assembly, to be preceded by an intergovernmental preparatory process that also takes into account inputs from all relevant stakeholders. Under the roadmap that preparatory process takes place this week in NYC and, while registration to attend in person is closed, remote participation is available via webcast & twitter.

1st Preparatory Meeting – Wed 1 July 2015, 10am-6pm EDT | 14:00:22:00 UTC
Informal Interactive Stakeholder Consultation – Thu 2 July 2015, 10am-6pm EDT | 14:00:22:00 UTC
Webcast: http://webtv.un.org/
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