#dotnyc was delegated to #IANA root zone on 3/20 #newgtlds #nyc

dot nycAlmost 13 years after it was first proposed in the Queens Community Board 3 Internet Empowerment Resolution, the .nyc top-level domain (TLD) was finally approved by ICANN and delegated to the IANA root zone on March 20 2014. The TLD is scheduled, under the management of contractor Neustar Inc, to begin rolling out second-level domains in stages, beginning in May 2014 with a sunrise period in which trademark owners get first dibs. General applications should be available in November 2014. It will be necessary to produce evidence of “nexus” with the City to apply for, and maintain a domain. A lengthy, as yet unfinalized, list of second-level domains will be reserved for use by the City and the local community. An advisory board has been appointed to oversee the TLD on the community’s behalf.

For more information. Visit http://www.nic.nyc/

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