VIDEO: The Cross-Border Harmonization (or Not) of Digital Music Rights @theCSUSA #copyright

On September 20 2013 the Copyright Society of the USA NY Chapter in association with the International Association of Entertainment Lawyers (IAEL) presented: Beyond Berne and Borders: The Cross-Border Harmonization (or Not) of Digital Music Rights at The Yale Club in NYC. While each country has its own national copyright law, they are harmonized to some extent by the Berne Convention and other international agreements.Recently, however, the European Union has made further efforts to harmonize the process of cross-border licensing throughout Europe. A panel of experts addressed how copyright licensing in the European Union differs from US practice, and how copyright licensing developments in Europe have impacted digital content delivery across borders.  Panelists: Alexander Ross, Partner, Wiggin LLP (London); Eric Lauvaux, Partner, NomoS (Paris); Lee Knife, Executive Director, Digital Media Association (Washington, DC). Moderator was Jeff Liebenson, Liebenson Law (New York, NY).

Video/audio is below. No transcript.

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