WEBCAST TODAY 1630EDT: Snowden and The Future w/ Eben Moglen #surveillance @futuresnowden #netfreedom

Eben Moglen - Snowden and the FurureToday, Wednesday October 9 2013 at 4:30pm, Eben Moglen will give the first of his series of talks ‘Snowden and The Future‘ at Columbia Law School. The talks will address the questions: What has Edward Snowden done to change the course of human history? How does the evolution of surveillance since World War II threaten democracy? What does it mean that information can be both so powerful and so easily spread? In a network embracing all of humanity, how does democracy survive our desire for security? The talk will be webcast live by the Software Freedom Law Center.

What: Eben Moglen – Snowden and The Future
Where: Columbia Law School, Jerome Greene Hall, Rm 101, NYC
When: Wednesday October 9 2013 4:30-5.30 pm | 1230-1330 UTC
Webcast: http://snowdenandthefuture.info/
Twitter: @futuresnowden