ARIN free webinar Tuesday 2pm EST – “Ready or Not … IPv6 is Here” – sign up now! #IPv6 @teamarin

ArinlogoTomorrow, Tuesday January 15, 2013, American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) CEO JohnCurran will present a webinar “Ready or Not … IPv6 is Here” aimed primarily at business. It starts at 2pm EST (1900 UTC).


We have reached a critical point in the future of the Internet. IPv4 addresses have now fully depleted from the IANA free pool, and two out of five Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) have already reach their final inventories of IPv4 address space, including the Asia-Pacific and European regions.  ARIN, the RIR that manages the distrubtion of IP addresses in Canada, the US, and parts of the Caribbean, could face IPv4 depletion soon as well.  It is imperative that companies adopt the next generation of Internet Protocol, IPv6, before time runs out and the global Internet community is fragmented. In order to avoid potential operability issues later, organizations everywhere are encouraged begin IPv6 adoption now, as consumers will start to expect IPv6 enabled websites.

In this webinar, John Curran will describe the business case for adopting IPv6, the steps enterprises should already be taking to prepare for post-IPv4 depletion challenges, and how to get IPv6 address space from ARIN. He will also review regional and global IPv4 depletion and IPv6 adoption statistics, address allocation trends, and the IPv6 educational resources available to help hosting companies and other network operators prepare.

There is still time to sign up.