WEBCAST TODAY: INET Curaçao and IPv6 Launch Day #IPv6 @InternetSociety #INETCuracao #Curacao

Today October 8 2012 the Internet Society (ISOC) will host INET Cura̤ao. Cura̤ao is in the Antilles РCaribbean islands just off the coast of Venezuela. This is a full day conference that will cover many aspects of the Internet including policy, security, and development. On Tuesday October 9 2012, a follow up IPv6 Launch Day event will fully explore the road forward with regard to addressing. Both events will be webcast live on the Internet Society Chapters Channel. Cura̤ao time is the same as NYC time (=UTC-4)

What: INET Curaçao and IPv6 Launch Day
Where: World Trade Center, Curaçao
When: October 8-9 2012
Program: http://bit.ly/QOK7bS
Webcast: http://www.livestream.com/internetsocietychapters
Twitter: #INETCuracao (unconfirmed) | @InternetSociety