VIDEO: India Internet Governance Conference #iigc #igf #wcit @iigc2012

IIGCThe India Internet Governance Conference (IIGC) took place in New Delhi from October 4-5 2012. It was presented and hosted by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI) with whom the Internet Society recently signed a cooperation agreement. The IIGC agenda covered a wide range of Internet issues, including the multi-stakeholder model for Internet governance, International Telecommunication Regulations and Internet governance, national priorities for broadband access, cyber security and privacy, Internet Protocol v6 (IPv6), and the Internet’s role in social and economic development, in up to 3 simultaneous sessions. Some sessions were relayed on the Internet Society Chapters Webcast Channel and are archived below. It’s possible more clips will appear on the FICCI YouTube channel.

What: India Internet Governance Conference
Where: FICCI, Tansen Marg, New Delhi, India
When: October 4-5 2012
Twitter: #iigc2012 | @iigc2012


Session II – Global Internet Governance: Strengthening The Multistakeholder Process


Session III – A Holistic Approach To Broadband Access


Session VI – ITRs and Internet Governance: A Multistakeholder Perspective


Session VIII – Managing Critical Internet Resources: Numbers, Transition to IPv6 and M2M


Session X – Net Neutrality: Where does India Stand?