RFC: The Piracy Crusade #SOPA #CISPA #ACTA #copyright #netfreedom

Aram Sinnreich writes:

I’m currently working on a new book, titled The Piracy Crusade. It’s essentially a continuation of the arguments I made on behalf of LimeWire, as an expert witness for the defense in that case (http://bit.ly/k9KYwL). The aim is to examine and critique the RIAA/IFPI narrative that lays the blame for the music industry’s economic woes on free sharing, and to explore the consequences of laws and policies such as SOPA, PIPA, ACTA and CISPA, which are pushed as panaceas to the piracy problem.
I’m sure many in the ISOC community have strong opinions on this subject, so I’d love their feedback. I’m posting chapter drafts freely under a CC license on http://PiracyCrusade.com. There’s a WordPress comments platform, so feedback will be visible to all readers of the book (feel free to email me privately as well). I’ll also address any substantive comments in the final, printed version of the book (due out next year from University of Massachusetts Press), and give a shout-out to all commenters in the Acknowledgments section.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!