Summary of ICANN VI WG Proposals #icann @igfalert

Prof. Milton Mueller has, in a blog post entitled A new era in domain name economics?, summarized the various positions in the ICANN Vertical Integration Working Group. Resolution of VI question –  the degree of cross-ownership between registries and registrars –   is the one remaining outstanding block to the rollout of new gTLDs.

  • DAGv4 The Nairobi resolution. Zero cross ownership.

* RACK The status quo. 15% limitations on cross-ownership.  No exceptions

  • JN2+ No limitation on cross ownership. Registrars could not sell their registry owners TLDs. Exceptions for single registrant TLDs, community TLDs and Orphan TLDs.

At present the JN2+ proposal is currently leading with 69% of the WG saying they could live with it. The WG is tasked with coming up with a solution before the ICANN board next meets in September.

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