ISOC-NY Members meeting – Thurs June 4 7pm

ISOC-NY will hold a member’s meeting on Thursday June 4 2009 @ 7pm.

  • Date: June 4, 2009
  • Time 7pm – 9pm
  • Location: Room 317, Warren Weaver Hall, 251 Mercer Street NYC (SW corner of West 4th) (See note below)

  • Note: Use the entrance on the west side since construction blocks the Mercer Street entrance. Must bring ID.

Agenda –

  1. ISXubuntu
  2. Postmortem discussion of grant applications
  3. Future events
  4. Promoting greater participation in ISOC-NY
    • 1. Publicity
    • 2. Best time and meeting format to bring in new members
  5. ICANN changes that affect our participation
  6. Federal stimulus funds for broadband
  7. NYC Community Fiber Project

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