ICANN NCUC/ALAC New Delhi minutes posted

ICANN On Feb 12 at the recent ICANN meet in New Delhi the Non-Commercial User Constituency and the At-Large Advisory Committee held a joint meeting. Summary minutes have been posted.

A quick reading gleans the following:

There were two main topics:

1. Add Grace Period (AGP) – there appeared to be general consensus that the AGP provision should be dispensed with forthwith.

2. Internationalized Domain Names for Top Level Domains (IDNs for TLDs) – There was general support for the fast-track process. The NCUC expressed reservations about allowing individual government control of IDNs. It was noted that only 24 out of 224 ccTLD operators had applied for IDNs under the fast-track process thus far. Provision should be made for countries with multiple scripts. The ALAC suggests close scrutiny of those introductions to identify possible technical problems.

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