The TAMMI – a new non-profit tech/culture incubator in The Bronx

TAMMIThe purpose of the Technology, Art, Movie and Micro-Business Incubator, Inc (the “TAMMI”) is to promote arts, culture, science, and technology in furtherance of social and economic development in the South Bronx and other economically disadvantaged areas of New York City. The TAMMI seeks to nurture creativity and innovation, stimulate creative enterprises, and celebrate the diverse heritage of New York City. The TAMMI intends to accomplish its purpose through education, training, and mentoring, providing resources, technical assistance, and strategic advice, and promoting events and programs to develop local opportunities and increase community awareness about issues relating to entrepreneurial pathways and opportunities in the creative technology industry.

The TAMMI has announced that office space has been acquired as in-kind donation from Aguila, Inc – an organization in the New York metropolitan area that offers integrated human services programs of high quality to its homeless residents.

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