YouTomb is a research project of MIT Free Culture. The purpose of the project is to investigate what kind of videos are subject to takedown notices due to allegations of copyright infringement with particular emphasis on those for which the takedown may be mistaken. Although the initial focus is on videos hosted by YouTube, it is planned to extend it to other video collections. Continue reading

Satellite based Internet for the developing world

Students from the Space Systems Engineering program at the University of Michigan have worked on designing a low-cost system for internet connectivity in developing countries. This presentation focuses on their proposed solution to delivering such capabilities to the rural populations of Africa. In addition, upcoming technologies are discussed that will impact similar missions in the future.

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Web Video Summit 2007 – December 10-11, 2007 New York City

The Web Video Summit is designed to be the hub of the Video Internet. It will bring together the new pioneers of this exploding industry. They will explain what you need to know about shooting, editing, encoding, distributing and promoting Internet videos. Continue reading

24/7 DIY Video Summit Registration Opens

24/7 a DIY Video Summit

Folks over at the USC Institute for Multimedia Literacy have just opened the registration for 24/7: A DIY Video Summit.

From their release:

“The summit, which takes place from February 8 – 10, at the USC University Park Campus in Los Angeles, will explore the incredible dynamic at play as millions of people flock to online video sharing sites like YouTube, Revver, imeem, Stage6 and Eyespot where they watch and contribute video content around the clock, 24/7.” Continue reading