Video: Google, Technology and the Future of the Music Industry

A joint effort by the both the Art Law and the IP Law Societies at Cardozo School of Law, this Feb. 24 2010 panel set out to consider the implications/possibilities of the Google Books Settlement model as applied to the music industry.

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Webcast: New York Tech Council – Tech Trends for 2010 1/14/2010

On Jan 14 2010 the newly formed New York Technology Council held its second public meeting in the form of a panel discussion on the topic “Technology Trends for 2010“. Representatives of Google and Microsoft were joined by City Council member Gale Brewer to pontificate on what the new year might bring.

Audio is here. Video is below.
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Webcast: Google Book Settlement Workshop – 1/20/2010

On Jan 20, the American Society of Journalists and Authors (ASJA) , the National Writers Union (NWU), and the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) and the Internet Society’s New York Chapter (ISOC-NY) jointly sponsored a workshop to discuss the implications for writers of the proposed Google Books Settlement (GBS), which is the result of a class action brought by the Authors Guild. There is some urgency, as writers only have until Jan 28 2010 to opt out or object. The three sponsoring writers organizations above all oppose the settlement. A fairness hearing has been set for 18 February.

With NWU President Larry Goldbetter moderating, the panel was

with additional input from:

Audio is here. Video is below.
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Jeff Jarvis Op-Ed in today’s NY Post

Jeff JarvisIn “WAVELENGTH WAR” – an Op-Ed piece in today’s NY Post – CUNY journalism Prof. Jeff Jarvis gives unqualified support to the Google ‘white space’ proposal to open up to community wireless IP the bandwidth freed by the changeover to digital tv. Continue reading

Satellite based Internet for the developing world

Students from the Space Systems Engineering program at the University of Michigan have worked on designing a low-cost system for internet connectivity in developing countries. This presentation focuses on their proposed solution to delivering such capabilities to the rural populations of Africa. In addition, upcoming technologies are discussed that will impact similar missions in the future.

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Domain Tasting will die in 2008

Blogger Jay Westerdal , who coined the term “domain tasting’, notes a couple of developments that should ring the death knell for those who currently abuse ICANN’s ‘add grace period’ (AGP) policy by repeatedly registering the same names. Continue reading

Google Policy Fellowship Applications Due January 11

Google Policy Fellowship Google has launched a new student Fellowship Program that will provide opportunity for students interested in Internet and tech policy to advance their studies through summer work at public interest organizations. Continue reading