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ISOC-NY Event: Censorship Circumvention via Kaleidoscope – NYU 3/25

On Thurs. Mar 25 ISOC-NY hosted Prof. Jinyang Li in a talk about the use of distributed systems, and particularly the use of the Kaleidoscope Firefox plug-in, in circumventing censorship. This is part of her ongoing research into “exploiting the real world social relationships among users to improve the security and reliability of open distributed systems.” The talk explains how traditional censorship workarounds like proxies and P2P can easily be discovered and defeated, but how Kaleidoscope – which passes encrypted data through trusted relays – defies such efforts.

Video + audio is below. A DVD of this talk is available free ($5 paypal donation optional) from dvd@isoc-ny.org. Ask for DVD1725

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Has Divestiture Worked? – event @ NYU – Fri Mar 6

ISOC-NY in conjunction with the Open Infrastructure Alliance (OIA) is presenting
Has Divestiture Worked? A 25th Anniversary Assessment of the Breakup of AT&T
– a symposium that marks the quarter-centennial of the sundering of Ma Bell.

LOCATION: New York University, Warren Weaver Hall (251 Mercer), Room 109
PRICE: ADMISSION IS FREE. (RSVP requested to: rsvp@bway.net)
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