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Video: David Solomonoff – Taking Back the Edge: Freedom and the Internet Model

David SolomonoffDavid Solomonoff, President of the Internet Society of New York (ISOC-NY) gave a talk at the August 2010 monthly meeting of the Manhattan Libertarian Party. David’s theme was ‘Taking Back the Edge: Freedom and the Internet Model’. The meeting took place in the back room of the Ukrainian East Village Restaurant (famous in alternative music circles as the site of a legendary New Order show in November 1981). David spoke about the importance of maintaining the end-to-end principle and the open internet, threatened today by repressive political forces and monopolistic interests. There was some lively discussion with the libertarians about whether regulation was preferable to unwelcome consolidation. David emphasized the bottom-up standards making process that has stood the test of time.

Video/audio is below.
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Dublin abandons “illegal” muni wifi, SF “Free the Net” project surges

RTE reports that the Dublin City Council has decided that a plan to provide free wireless broadband throughout the city must be been abandoned because it would be contrary to EU law on state aid. But the Labour Party, which says it originally proposed the idea of a free wi-fi city, has accused the Council of backing down as a result of pressure from the telecommunications industry.

On this side of the pond, San Francisco’s Free the Net project has distributed 40,000 Meraki repeaters to residents, creating a redundant mesh network for free wifi.

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