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    Internet Society Board of Trustees Statement on updated Mission and 2018 Action Plan 

    ISOC logoAt the conclusion of its meeting in Singapore on November 17-19, 2017, the Internet Society Board of Trustees released the following statement:

    The Internet Society Board of Trustees congratulates our staff, our Chapters, and all of our members for coming together during the Internet Society’s 25th anniversary year to celebrate the past and to shape the future. This has been an important year with many accomplishments, including the global InterCommunity event held in September, which connected people from around the world and shone a spotlight on our work together. We believe this past year has set a foundation for the Internet Society to be an even more effective community and organisation going forward.

    To prepare for the future, the Board — in consultation with the wider Internet Society community — refreshed our time-honoured and tested vision and mission statements. We believe the robust dialogue about our shared aspirations and goals reflected the passion and commitment of our community, and resulted in a reinvigorated statement of our vision and mission, consistent with our original commitment to an Internet that is for everyone. The updated Internet Society Mission Statement that we approved at our meeting is as follows:

    The Internet Society supports and promotes the development of the Internet as a global technical infrastructure, a resource to enrich people’s lives, and a force for good in society.

    Our work aligns with our goals for the Internet to be open, globally-connected, secure, and trustworthy. We seek collaboration with all who share these goals.

    Together, we focus on:

    • Building and supporting the communities that make the Internet work;
    • Advancing the development and application of Internet infrastructure, technologies, and open standards; and
    • Advocating for policy that is consistent with our view of the Internet.

    We also approved the organisation’s 2018 Action Plan, which focuses people and resources on innovative ways to make a difference in:

    1. assuring Internet access for the hardest to reach places on the globe;
    2. addressing security challenges emerging from the growing Internet of Things;
    3. strengthening the global Internet’s routing system; and
    4. promoting collaborative governance as tool to address a range important issues.

    We also strongly agree with the 2018 Action Plan’s emphases on building a strengthened global Internet Society community and organisation, and on fostering key new initiatives that amplify the organisation’s ability to bring about change.

    Finally, and importantly, as we work to #shapetomorrow and keep the Internet Society’s commitment to openness, transparency, and community-driven processes, we began exploring how to allocate the people, resources, and energies of the Internet Society for the future.

    We agreed to work through a strategy for long term sustainability and impact. The Internet Society’s 2017 Global Internet Report: Paths to Our Digital Future, created through an extensive process of input from our community and beyond, will serve as a starting point for further dialogue to create a future-looking plan for addressing emerging issues of concern to our community.

    It has been an eventful year, and we look forward to building on it in the coming years. We want to applaud our committed staff and its leadership for the good work they do every day to ensure that the Internet is for everyone.

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    SAT/SUN – @InternetSociety Annual General Meeting – Remote Participation details #ISOC 

    ISOC logo On Saturday/Sunday June 3-4 2017 the Internet Society’s Annual General Meeting will e held in Nairobi. The proceedings include an ‘Open Forum‘ where the ISOC community may comment or ask questions. This and other Open Sessions will be reachable via Zoom, and also recorded. ‘Executive’ sessions will not be available online. Links to report docs should appear on the agenda page.

    What: ISOC Annual General Meeting #137
    Where: Nairobi, Kenya
    When: Sat June 10 2017 – 06:00-14:00 UTC (02:00-10:00 EDT)
    Sun: June 11 2017 – 06:00-13:00 UTC (02:00-09:00 EDT)|
    Agenda: https://www.internetsociety.org/board-meeting-agenda-no-1374
    Remote participation: Register via agenda page above for zoom link
    Twitter: #isoc – http://twitter.com/hashtag/isoc

    SATURDAY, 3 JUNE 2017

    All times UTC = 4 hours ahead of EDT

    06:00 1. Opening of ISOC Annual General Meeting – K. Brown
    06:00 2. Annual Election of Board Chair – K. Brown (45 mins.)
    06:45 3. Welcome, Apologies and Declaration of Conflicts – Board Chair (5 mins.)
    06:50 4. Annual Election of Other Officers – Board Chair (20 mins.)
    07:10 5. Approve the minutes of the 136th meeting of the Board of Trustees – Board Chair (5 mins.)
    07:15 6. Action items from the 2016-2017 Board – Board Chair (10 mins.)
    07:25 7. Recognition of Outgoing Trustee – Board Chair (10 mins.)
    07:35 Break (15 mins.)
    07:50 8. Board Committees and Charters – Board Chair (15 mins.)
    08:05 9. ISOC Nominations Committee Recommendations – A. Munyua (30 mins)
    08:35 10. Update on Future of the Internet project – S. Wentworth (40 mins)
    09:15 Lunch Break (60 mins.)
    10:15 11. PIR Report – R. Gaetano, B. Cute (35 mins)
    10:50 12. IETF Chair’s Report – Alissa Cooper (20 mins)
    11:10 13. IAOC Chair’s Report – Leslie Daigle (15 mins)
    11:25 14. Review of 2017-2018 Board meeting dates – Board Chair (20 mins)
    11:45 Break (15 mins.)
    12:00 15. Presentation on ISOC’s work in Africa – Africa Bureau Staff (90 mins)
    13:30 16. ISOC Board Open Forum – Board Chair (30 mins)
    14:00 End of Day One

    SUNDAY, 4 JUNE 2017

    06:00 17. IAB Chair’s Report – Ted Hardie (20 mins)
    06:20 18a. Overview – K. Brown (20 mins)
    06:40 18b. Updates on Access Objective – R. Echeberria (20 mins)
    07:00 18c. Updates on Trust Objective – O. Kolkman (20 mins)
    07:20 18d. Financial Update – S. Spector (20 mins)
    07:40 18e. Update on Chapters – R. Echeberria (20 mins)
    08:00 Break (15 mins.)
    08:15 18f. 25th Anniversary – A. Hassan and N. Armstrong (25 mins)
    08:40 ISOC Website & Ad Campaign – J.Wood (45 mins)
    09:25 Lunch Break (50 mins)
    10:15 19. Appointment of the ISOC Board Liaison to IETF Nominations Committee – Board Chair (15 mins)
    10:30 20. Annual Appointment of Committee Chairs and Members – Board Chair (60 mins)
    11:30 21. Chapters Advisory Council Update – Avri Doria (20 mins)
    11:50 Break (15 mins.)
    12:05 22. Review of plans for July Board retreat – Board Chair (30 mins)
    12:35 23. AOB (25 mins)
    13:00 24. Adjournment.


    • Mohammed Yousif 1:35 pm on 06/03/2017 Permalink | Reply

      hope you modify this “SATURDAY, 4 JUNE 2017” to “SATURDAY, 3 JUNE 2017”

      • joly 1:37 pm on 06/03/2017 Permalink | Reply

        Well spotted! Deliberate mistake to see if anybody’s paying attention. Not!

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    THU/FRI – @InternetSociety Board of Trustees Meeting – Remote Participation details #ISOC 

    ISOC logo On Thursday/Friday November 10-11 2016 the Internet Society’s Board of Trustees will meet in Hyderabad. The Trustees provide strategic direction and oversight to advance ISOC’s mission of preserving the open, global Internet. At this meeting the proceedings will include an ‘Open Forum‘ where the ISOC community may comment or ask questions on two topics: 1. Strategic Objective (SO) 2b: Enabling Safe and Trusted Internet discussion; and 2. ISOC’s engagement with its membership. Only this session will be recorded and archived publicly. Other ‘public’ sessions may be viewed online live but will not be archived. ‘Executive’ sessions will not be available online. Report docs are available on the agenda page.

    What: ISOC Board of Trustees Meeting #130 Public Sessions
    Where: Hyderabad, India
    When: Thu November 10 2016 – 07:30-12:30 UTC (02:30-07:30 EST)
    Fri November 11 2016 – 03:30-08:35 UTC (10:30-03:35 EST)|
    Agenda: http://www.internetsociety.org/board-meeting-agenda-no-134
    Register: https://www.internetsociety.org/form/isoc-board-meeting-attendance-form
    Twitter: #isoc – http://twitter.com/hashtag/isoc

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    SAT/SUN – @InternetSociety Board of Trustees Meeting – Remote Participation details #ISOC 

    Internet SocietyOn Saturday/Sunday April 9-10 2016 the Internet Society’s Board of Trustees will meet in Buenos Aires. The Trustees provide strategic direction and oversight to advance ISOC’s mission of preserving the open, global Internet. At this meeting the traditional public ‘Observer’ sessions have been upgraded to include ‘Open Forums‘ where the ISOC community may comment or ask questions on topics before the board. As outlined in the Q1 Community Forum, in 2016 the organizational focus is on a) Increasing Internet Access, and b) Security and Encryption. These sessions will not be livestreamed or archived publicly. Details below. Report docs are available on the agenda page.

    What: ISOC Board of Trustees Meeting #130 Public Sessions
    Where: Buenos Aires
    When: Sat April 9 2016 – 13:00-14:15 UTC (9-10:15am EDT) | 16:30-20:00 UTC (12:30-4pm EDT)
    Sun April 10 2016 12:00-19:00 UTC (8am-3pm EDT)
    Agenda: http://www.internetsociety.org/board-meeting-agenda-no-130
    Register: https://www.internetsociety.org/form/isoc-board-meeting-attendance-form
    Twitter: #isoc – http://twitter.com/hashtag/isoc

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    @InternetSociety Trustees meeting in Yokohama – Remote Participation details #ISOCBOT 

    ISOC logoToday Friday October 30 2015 and tomorrow Saturday October 31 2015 the Internet Society’s Board of Trustees is meeting in Yokohama prior to IETF 94. Proceedings will include planning for InterCommunity 2016 and a 25th Anniversary event in 2017. Remote participation is available. Japan is UTC+7) 13 hours ahead of NYC.

    What: Internet Society Board of Trustees meeting
    Where: Yokohama, Japan
    When: Friday October 30 2015 – Saturday October 31 2015
    Agenda: http://www.internetsociety.org/board-meeting-agenda-no-126
    Remote Participation: https://isoc.zoom.us/j/833672101
    Twitter: #ISOCBOT https://twitter.com/hashtag/ISOCBOT

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    @InternetSociety Board of Trustees Calls on the Global Internet Community to Stand Together to Support Open Internet Access, Freedom, and Privacy #netfreedom 

    isocInternet Society Press Release

    Internet Society Board of Trustees Calls on the Global Internet Community to Stand Together to Support Open Internet Access, Freedom, and Privacy

    Fundamental ideals of the Internet are under threat

    [Berlin, Germany, 4 August 2013] – The Internet Society Board of Trustees during its meeting in Berlin, Germany today called on the global Internet community to stand together in support of open Internet access, freedom, and privacy. Recently exposed information about government Internet surveillance programs is a wake-up call for Internet users everywhere – the fundamental ideals of the Internet are under threat.

    The Internet Society Board of Trustees believes that government Internet surveillance programs create unacceptable risks for the future of a global, interoperable, and open Internet. Robert Hinden, Chair of the Board of Trustees, stated, “Berlin is a city where freedom triumphed over tyranny. Human and technological progress are not based on building walls, and we are confident that the human ideals of communication and creativity will always route around these kinds of attempts to constrain them. We are especially disappointed that the very governments that have traditionally supported a more balanced role in Internet governance are consciously and deliberately hosting massive Internet surveillance programs.”

    In the brief period since these surveillance programs were revealed to the general public, the Internet Society Board stated there are already chilling effects on global trust and confidence on the Internet ecosystem. The fact that information about surveillance programs is emerging primarily from countries with a long history of supporting the open Internet is particularly disturbing. As the next billion people come online, these countries should be expected to demonstrate leadership in support of the values that underpin the global Internet. In the wake of these announcements, the Internet Society encourages a return to multistakeholder cooperation to preserve the benefits of the Internet ecosystem for all.

    The Internet Society Board of Trustees expects governments to fully engage with their citizens in an open dialogue on how to reconcile national security and the fundamental rights of individuals. Security should not be at the cost of individual rights and, in this context, the Board welcomes the initiative by some civil society organizations to promote “International Principles on the Application of Human Rights to Communications Surveillance.” The Internet Society endorses these principles, and emphasizes the importance of proportionality, due process, legality, and transparent judicial oversight. The Internet Society believes that surveillance without any such safeguards risks undermining the sustainability of the open Internet.

    “In the spirit of the pioneers and early innovators of the Internet that were honored this week at the 2013 Internet Hall of Fame ceremony, we urge the global Internet community to defend against attempts by governments to fragment the Internet either through overt regulation or hidden surveillance programs,” commented Lynn St. Amour, President and CEO of the Internet Society. “We must reassert the global spirit of community that is at the heart of the Internet’s growth and success, and stand firm in our belief that openness and collaboration is the best path forward.”

    • Friar Charles B. A. Hanley ofm Cap. 12:59 pm on 08/05/2013 Permalink | Reply

      I, salute, and applaud the ISOC position and efforts to keep the Internet Free.
      Liberty and Prosperity for All!
      You are not alone and are in my prayers for every success.
      Friar Charles B.A. Hanley ofm Cap.

    • Warmen (@Jkillyan) 10:41 am on 08/06/2013 Permalink | Reply

      It’s going to be a though fight bu we must prevale in this, because no one can rule the Internet. It’s free.

    • O'Brien Uzoechi 11:10 am on 08/12/2013 Permalink | Reply

      Over regulation on the Internet usage will seriously dampen the very spirit of liberality that set it up in the first place. We should do all we can to stem the ugly slide!

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    Jason Livingood joins Board of Trustees @InternetSociety 

    To fill the vacancy caused by the departure of Lawrence Lessig the Internet Society has appointed Jason Livingood, Executive Director, Internet Systems Engineering at Comcast Cable, to its Board Of Trustees.

    Jason has served as co-chair of an Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) working group and is the author of several RFCs. He is also an technical advisory board member of a security-related company, has several patents pending in his field, has recently served on a working group of the FCC’s Communications Security, Reliability and Interoperability Council (CSRIC), is a member of the Broadband Internet Technical Advisory Group’s (BITAG) Technical Working Group, and is a member of the Security and Stability Advisory Committee (SSAC) of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

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