WEBCAST TODAY: John Perry Barlow 2008 Lecture ‘The First Internet Election’ @JPBarlow @nyuniversity

livestreamOn October 27 2008 EFF co-founder John Perry Barlow delivered the fourth lecture in Evan Korth’s Computers and Society Speaker Series. The topic – “The First Internet Election?” Barlow wrote about his inspiration for this lecture:

Ten years ago when I was a fellow at the Institute of Politics at Harvard’s Kennedy School, I was on a panel with Senator Ted Kennedy and my tragically late sidekick John Kennedy, Jr. The focus of our discussion was determining when the Internet would likely have the pivotal role in shaping a presidential campaign that television had assumed in the 1960 election of their brother and father. Oddly, for a couple of guys who were deeply suspicious of Cyberspace, they both thought this would happen much sooner than I did, possibly as early as 2000. I said it would be a decade at least. It has now been a decade. And this, with any luck at all, will now be that election.

At 11am EST (14:00 UTC) today February 8 2018 the video of this talk will be streamed on the Internet Society Livestream Channel (with open captions). The Computers and Society Speaker Series speaker series was sponsored by the Internet Society – NY Chapter, Free Culture @ NYU, Women in Computing (WinC), and the Association for Computing Machinery NYU Chapter.

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