WEBCAST TODAY: @InternetSociety Report – ‘Paths to our Digital Future’ Launch w/ @SAWentworth @amunyua @paulacortereal + Leonard Kleinrock #shapetomorrow

LivestreamToday January 5 2018 at 7pm EST the Internet Society Livestream Channel presents the launch the Internet Society 2017 Global Internet Report – ‘Paths to our Digital Future‘. In 2016, the Internet Society launched a project to take stock of the key forces of change that could impact the future of the Internet. The broad Internet community was engaged via multiple surveys, interviews, and roundtables. The full report was released on September 18 2017, with a distinguished panel discussing its findings, to kick off InterCommunity 2017

PANEL: Sally Wentworth, Dr. Leonard Kleinrock, Alice Munyua, Paula Côrte Real. MODERATOR: Adnan Nawaz.

View on Livestream: https://livestream.com/internetsociety/future/

Download the Report: https://future.internetsociety.org/