VIDEO: @MiguelGamino announces #NYCx Governors Island Challenge #moonshot at #shfwd17 @nycforward @Gov_Island

 Governors Island Connectivity ChallengeAt the Silicon Harlem Next-Gen Tech Conference last week, NYC CTO Miguel A. Gamiño announced that his office will promote a series of ‘Moonshot Challenges‘ – Citywide challenges that encourage global entrepreneurs to partner with the City to propose solutions to real-life problems and deliver groundbreaking business models that transform and improve citizens’ lives. The first of these, in partnership with the Trust for Governors Island, is the Governors Island Connectivity Challenge, which seeks to demonstrate affordable ways to deploy high-speed wireless connectivity and identify the key infrastructure elements that enable effective deployment. What if 1 Gbps internet could be installed across 150 acres in less than a week and cost less than $100,000? Finalists will receive $25,000 to showcase their solutions on Governors Island, a microcosm for larger islands globally like Manhattan, Hong Kong, and Singapore. The winner will address the needs of the visitors of today and the multi-use tenants of tomorrow, while demonstrating their ability to mitigate risks associated with climate change, such as high winds, potential flooding, and storm surges. Video of the announcement is below.

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