FREE ONLINE COURSE: Building Wireless Community Networks @InternetSociety

Internet SocietyThe Internet Society is now inviting applications for the ‘Building Wireless Community Networks‘ online course via its Learning Management System (LMS) Inforum. This online course covers essential topics for effective planning and deployment of wireless community networks, and includes modules on the following:

        • Wireless Networking Standards

        • Practical Planning of Wireless Networks

        • Radio Link

        • Radio Physics

        • Networking Basics

        • Radio Device Configuration

        • Access Point Configuration

        • Securing Wireless Networks

        • Troubleshooting Wireless Network

The application form can be found at:

Applications will close on 08 October 2017.

Anyone with a keen interest in democratizing access through the building of community wireless networks will benefit from this course.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to ask at: