VIDEO: Cyber Insecurity: Emerging Policy Tools in #Cybersecurity @NewAmerica @NewAmCyber

naciOn Friday October 28 2016 the New America Foundation Cybersecurity Initiative presented Cyber Insecurity: Emerging Policy Tools in Cybersecurity in Washington DC. A panel explored a set of emerging policy tools with distinctly partnered public-private profiles: cyber safety standards in the automotive industry, cyber-insurance, consumer notification, and software vendor liability. Participants: Jane Chong – National Security and Law Associate, Hoover Institution; Sasha Romanosky – Policy Researcher, RAND Corporation & Faculty, Pardee School; Joshua Corman – Director, Cyber Statecraft Initiative for the Atlantic Council; Robert Morgus – Policy Analyst, Cybersecurity Initiative, New America. Moderator: Trey Herr – Fellow, Harvard Belfer Center & Non-Resident Cybersecurity Fellow, New America. Twitter: #CyberInsecurity + @NewAmCyber

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