ISOC-NY TV Show 2pm today – NYC’s Digital Divide, and Accessible Elections @A11yNYC @MNN59

isoc ny tvToday, Wednesday October 19 2016, the ISOC-NY TV show presents an two presenations from the recent Accessibility NYC Camp on October 2 2016. The first is Luke Swarthout of the NYPL talking about the Digital Divide, the second is Whitney Quesenbery of CivicDesign talking about accessible elections.

What: ISOC-NY TV Show – Accessibility NYC Camp
Where: Manhattan Neighborhood Network
When: Wednesday October 19 2016 2pm-3pm EST | 1900-2000 UTC
Manhattan Cable: TWC 56 / 1996 | RCN 83 | FiOS 34

Watch both presentations on livestream: