WEBCAST TODAY: Workshop on community networking infrastructures #netcommons in Barcelona

LivestreamToday Friday June 17 2015 netCommons and the Polytechnic University of Catalonia aka BarcelonaTech are hosting Workshop on community networking infrastructures with the theme Efficient collaboration between government, citizens and enterprises. The workshop will discuss how they can strengthen ties among these three actors to optimize a specific case of these infrastructures, community networks, with a particular focus on fiber deployment. Sessions will cover 1) governance, 2) regulation, and 3) implementation. The conference has two main objectives: expand knowledge about this type of collaboration and identify specific lines of action to make them more efficient in the future. The event, conducted in English, Catalan, and Spanish, is being streamed live on guifi tv, and mirrored on the Internet Society Livestream Channel.

What: Workshop on community networking infrastructures
Where: Barcelona, Spain
When: Friday June 17 2015  9:30am-5pm CEST | 07:30-15:00 UTC | 03:30-11:00 EDT
Agenda: http://netcommons.eu/?q=content/workshop-community-networking-infrastructures
Webcast: https://livestream.com/internetsociety/netcommons
Twitter: #netCommons https://twitter.com/hashtag/netCommons