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On February 17 2016, Public Knowledge and the Open Technology Institute at New America hosted a discussion panel Preserving Broadband Network Privacy in Washington DC. For decades, consumers have been protected by privacy rules at the FCC that protected them from the one company with access to all of their communications: their phone company. When the FCC reclassified broadband as a Title II common carrier service, it gave forbearance to these phone network privacy rules when it came to broadband. And yet, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has expressed interest in beginning work on creating appropriate privacy rules for broadband, the essential communications network of this century. Are such rules needed and what would the look like? What is special about broadband networks that the FCC needs to take action to ensure privacy over them? How does network privacy fit into the broader landscape of privacy policy? Panelists: Harold Feld, Public Knowledge; Sarah Morris, Open Technology Institute at New America; Erik Stallman, Center for Democracy & Technology; Mary Sisak, Alarm Industry Communications Committee. Moderator: Chris Lewis, Public Knowledge. Video is below.

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