VIDEO: #IotNY 28: A Decentralized, Open IoT- The Things Network @thethingsntwrk

LivestreamOn January 29 2016 the IoT NY meetup presented IoT NY #28: A Decentralized, Open IoT – The Things Network. Wienke Giezeman, Johan Stokking introduced The Things Network, a decentralized, community-owned and built IoT data network. The technology uses LoRaWAN and allows for things to connect to the internet through low-cost gateways that can connect up to 10.000 devices in a radius of 5km. It features low battery usage, long range, and low bandwidth, so is a great fit for sensor data. Their manifesto states that the network is open. Any work created in the community will be open sourced. The Things Network is set up in a decentralized way to not have any single point of control or failure. Nothing is centralized or owned by the founders. The Things Network started only 6 months ago and is already active in more than 50 cities around the world. Video is below

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