ISOC-NY TV Show 2pm today – @MicrosoftNY Civic Demo Night @CivicHall @MNN59 #civictech

isoc ny tvToday, Wednesday Feb 10 2016, the ISOC-NY TV show presents an edited edition of the Microsoft Civic Demo Night at Civic Hall NYC on Dec 18 2015. The current crop of Microsoft NY Civic Tech Fellows presented projects, and the Microsoft NY team took the opportunity to reveal/promote new community initiatives.

What: ISOC-NY TV Show – Microsoft Civic Demo Night
Where: Manhattan Neighborhood Network
When: Wednesday Feb 10 2016 2pm-3pm EST | 1900-2000 UTC
Manhattan Cable: TWC 56 / 1996 | RCN 83 | FiOS 34

Watch the whole event uncut

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