WEBCAST TODAY: Ours To Govern And To Own @PlatformCoop @GI_NewYork

livestreamToday, Thursday 21 January 2016 at 6pm EST the Goethe-Institut New York will host a follow up panel to the recent Platform Coop Conference, Ours To Govern And To Own. Trebor Scholz, Associate Professor at The New School, has penned the concept of “platform cooperativism” to describe this movement in the making. He will be in conversation with four pioneers in this area to explore the prospects for structures of collective ownership, finance, data transparency, and democratic governance online. Emma Yorra of the Center for Family Life in Sunset Park, will introduce Coopify, a platform for women-led immigrant cooperatives in Brooklyn. Brendan Martin, founder and director of The Working World, will speak about cooperative finance. San Francisco-based author and entrepreneur Chelsea Rustrum will talk about her experiences with sharing communities. Felix Weth will introduce Fairmondo, a cooperatively-owned online-marketplace, founded in Berlin. The event will be webcast live via the Internet Society Livestream Channel.