WEBCAST FRI/SAT @Platformcoop Conference @TheNewSchool #platformcoop

Friday 13 November 2015 and Saturday 14 November 2015 the Platform Cooperativism Conference will be held at The New School in NYC, described as

a coming-out party for the cooperative Internet, built of platforms owned and governed by the people who rely on them. The program will include discussion sessions, screenings, monologues, legal hacks, workshops, and dialogues, as well as a showcase of projects, both conceptual and actual, under the purview of celebrity judges. We’ll learn from coders and worker cooperatives, scholars and designers. Together, we’ll put their lessons to work as we work toward usable apps and structural economic change. This is your chance to get on the ground floor of the next Internet, and to help make it a reality.

The entire event will be streamed live on the Internet Society Livestream Channels.

What: Platform Cooperativism Conference
Where: The New School NYC
When: Friday 13 November 2015 and Saturday 14 November 2015
Program: http://platformcoop.net/schedule
Webcast: http://platformcoop.net/video-stream
Twitter: https://twitter.com/hashtag/platformcoop