VIDEO: @JerryMichalski demo of #JerrysBrain @CivicHall

On September 9 2015 Jerry Michalski gave a talk – Read My Thoughts: How to Use Mind-Mapping Tool “The Brain” To Get Smarter – at Civic Hall NYC. For the last seventeen years, Jerry has been taking notes on things worth remembering and putting them into an app called The Brain. People, ideas, events, articles and how they’re related; he’s put more than 250,000 “thoughts” into the tool, connected by more than 440,000 links. The result is more than one person’s life diary or list of favorite bookmarks. It’s also a fantastic, searchable resource that anyone can tap into, either for free at or via a 99 cent mobile app. Even better, because Jerry has long been at the heart of the tech scene (he was the managing editor of Release 1.0, Esther Dyson’s invaluable newsletter, for many years, before starting his own consulting work), his brain is full of deep connections of value to everyone concerned with civic innovation. At this interactive session, hosted by Micah Sifry (also a user of The Brain), Jerry shared the process he uses to keep adding to his brain, and offered tips on how you can use mind-mapping tools like The Brain to better organize your thoughts and keep track of what is important to you. Video is below.

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