VIDEO: #Blockchain For Social Good @LMHQ_NYC @MicrosoftNY @MediaLab

On On July 27 2015 Microsoft NY and MIT Media Lab presented Blockchain For Social Good. Bitcoin and the Blockchain are changing the way people think about currency, digital assets, and identity. The MIT Media Lab recently launched a promising new initiative to delve into the implications of these innovative technologies. At this event Brian Forde, MIT Media Lab’s Director of Digital Currency and former senior technology advisor at the White House, and John Paul Farmer, Director of Technology & Civic Innovation, Microsoft, led a discussion focused on the potential of the Blockchain as a foundation for fraud-free voting, frictionless transfer of property in blighted urban environments, and rapid response in the wake of a natural disaster, to name just a few applications. Presenters: Chelsea Barabas of MIT, Peter Kirby of Factom, Ann Sim of IDEO, and Ryan Shea of OneName. Video is below.

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