REMOTE PARTICIPATION: @NCUC Meeting with DC Internet #Governance people @CenDemTech today

NCUCToday Wednesday 14 January 2015, ancillary to the intersessional meeting of the Non-Contracted Parties House (NCPH) of the Generic Names Standing Organization (GNSO) at ICANN, the NonCommercial Users Constituency (NCUC) will hold an outreach meeting with Internet Governance interested people at the Center for Democracy and Technnology (CDT)in Washington DC. On the agenda, the IANA transition, accountability mechanisms in the context of globalization, human rights in internet governance, privacy and registry services, access to knowledge and intellectual property, freedom of expression and development, and ICANN in broader Internet governance, including NETmundial Initiative and the Internet Governance Forum. The meeting is by invitation only, but remote participation is possible via webex or phone bridge.

What: NCUC Civil Society Outreach Event
Where: CDT, Washington DC
When: Wednesday 14 January 2015 10am-Noon EST | 1500-1700 UTC
Phone bridge:
Twitter: @NCUC


1. Participant Introductions
2. Brief introduction of NCUC @ ICANN
3. 2-3 minute introductions of issues NCUC works on in ICANN, e.g.
• IANA and the transitioning of US authority (Matt Shears)
• Accountability mechanisms in the context of globalization (Matt Shears)
• Human rights generally (Bill Drake)
• Privacy and registry services (Stephanie Perrin)
• Access to knowledge and intellectual property (Kathy Kleiman)
• Freedom of expression (David Cake)
• Development (Rafik Dammak)
• ICANN in broader Internet governance, e.g. NETmundial Initiative, IGF (Bill Drake)
4. Inputs from local participants on how these and related issues are being addressed in Washington DC and beyond
5. Open integrative discussion