VIDEO: @InternetSociety Briefing “Internet #Security and #Privacy: Ten Years Later” @isoctech at #ietf90

On July 22 2014 the Internet Society presented a briefing panel – Internet Security and Privacy: Ten Years Later – at the IETF 90 meeting in Toronto. Discussed were how Internet security and privacy landscapes have changed over the years, challenges we still need to address, and whether we’ll still be using the same security building blocks ten years from now. Also brought up were the societal and legislative changes that have affected the Internet, including user interfaces and risk assessment, privacy and identity implications of ‘free’ online services, and how the technical community can work together to implement more of the existing security standards like DNSSEC, DANE, and TLS. Speakers: Lucy Lynch, Director of Trust and Identity Initiatives, Internet Society; Danny McPherson, Senior Vice President and Chief Security Officer, Verisign; David Oran, Fellow, Cisco Systems; Wendy Seltzer, Policy Counsel, World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Moderator: Andrei Robachevsky, Technology Programme manager, Internet Society. The session was webcast live via the Internet Society’s livestream channel, video is below.

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