VIDEO: Getting Serious on the #NetNeutrality Debate @aspencs w/ @superwuster #AInetneutrality

On June 11 2014 the Aspen Institute Communications and Society Program hosted a panel Getting Serious on the Net Neutrality Debate tackling questions: How do we assure an open Internet that gives the consumer access to all content while also giving the customer high quality of service for the content they do want? Who should bear what costs? What will foster investment, innovation, choice, and freedom on the Internet? What are the long term solutions? Speakers: Jim Cicconi, senior executive vice president – external and legislative affairs, AT&T; Anna-Maria Kovacs, visiting senior policy scholar, Georgetown University Center for Business and Public Policy; Blair Levin, Fellow, Aspen Institute Communications and Society Program; Chris Libertelli, vice president – Global Government Relations, Netflix; and Tim Wu, professor of law, Columbia Law School. Moderator was Charles Firestone, executive director, Aspen Institute Communications and Society Program. It was streamed live via YouTube. Video is below.

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