hackNY startup-student internship program now accepting applications

hackNY.org is excited to announce applications are now open — for students and for startups — for the 2010 student-startup internship program (through 11:59 pm NYC time Apr 30).

Our Objective

Establish a sustainable, repeatable summer program matching computationally and quantitatively expert NYC students with NYC startups, to:

• Assist in funding student summer internships,
• Provide pedagogical lectures to develop needed skills which are not obtained in traditional curricula,
• Establish a community of NYC tech/entrepreneurship-oriented students
• Strengthen the community of NYC tech-oriented startups
• Strengthen the entrepreneurial community in NYC more generally
• Facilitate quantitative and computational students securing entrepreneurial opportunities post-graduation

STARTUPS: please apply via http://hackny.org/a/startups/

STUDENTS: please apply via http://hackny.org/a/students/

for more info please see

http://hackny.org/ or email info@hackNY.org