VIDEO: If I Ran The Zoo: Probing The Contours Of “The Next Great #Copyright Act” @theCSUSA

On March 26 2014 the Copyright Society of the USA’s New York Chapter presented a luncheon panel – If I Ran The Zoo: Probing The Contours Of “The Next Great Copyright Act” – at the Princeton Club in NYC. A year ago Copyright Registar Maria Pallante delivered the Manges Lecture at Columbia University in which she called upon Congress to enact a program of comprehensive copyright reform. Since then hearings have been held by Senate Judiciary, and the USPTO, to explore the issues involved . The CSUSA convened this panel of experts, and asked them what they would do if they “ran the zoo”, in the hopes of discovering where there might be points of consensus, and intractable strife, and, perhaps, space for deeper exploration. Speakers were Allan Adler: Gen. Counsel & VP, Government Affairs, Assoc. of American Publishers; Victor Perlman: Gen. Counsel, American Society of Media Photographers; Michael Weinberg: VP, Public Knowledge. Moderator: Robert Kasunic: Assoc. Register of Copyrights, Dir. of Registration Policy & Practice. Video is below.

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