New @GlobalSN report – The Remarkable Internet Governance Network – free to download #iana #netgov

Global Solution NetworksThe Global Solution Networks program at the University of Toronto has released a two part research report The Remarkable Internet Governance Network, authored by former Internet Society President/CEO Lynn St. Amour, and GSN Executive Director Don Tapscott. The report is intended to assist governments and organizations to better understand the Internet governance network and how to help it succeed.

The recent IANA Globalization initiative is noted. From the press release:

[St. Amour and Tapscott] describe the multi-stakeholder model of Internet governance, why it works remarkably well and what needs to be done to ensure a robust, global, accessible and effectively governed Internet for future generations. [They] applaud the NTIA decision as a natural step forward and a significant confirmation that the multi-stakeholder model is effective and legitimate. They explain that evolving the global multi-stakeholder ecosystem is not only right and timely, but also the best way to address some of the thornier policy issues global society faces. These issues range from privacy, security and Net neutrality, to access and intellectual property.

Included in the report’s additional materials are transcripts of interviews with Tim Berners-Lee, Fadi Chehadé, Vint Cerf, Bertrand de La Chapelle, and Jonathan Zittrain. The report is free to download: