#LibrePlanet conference underway in Boston #foss #netfreedom

LibrePlanetThis weekend March 22-23 the 2014 LibrePlanet conference is taking place at MIT in Cambridge MA. LibrePlanet is an annual conference for free software enthusiasts. The theme of this year’s event is is “Free Software, Free Society.” Questions: How can free software protect journalists, whistleblowers, activists, and regular computer users from government and corporate surveillance? How can free software, or free software values like copyleft, community development, and transparency, be used by people fighting to create free societies around the world? What challenges are standing between us and our goal of free software ubiquity? Remote participation is available via webcast and IRC chat.

What: Libre Planet 2014 – Free Software, Free Society.
Where: MIT, Cambridge MA
When: Sat/Sun March 22-23 2014 0945-1845 EDT | 1345-2245 UTC
Program: http://libreplanet.org/2014/program/sessions.html
Webcast: http://libreplanet.org/2014/live/menu.html
Twitter: #libreplanet