AUDIO: Diane Rehm Show – consumer interest in Comcast + Time Warner merger @drshow @scrawford

Diane Rehm ShowOn Monday February 17 2014, the Diane Rehm show on National Public Radio tackled the proposed Comcast + Time Warner Cable merger in a segment entitled What A Proposed Cable Mega-Merger Might Mean For Consumers. The proposed new entity would have approximately 30 percent of all national pay television subscribers and also about a third of all broadband Internet subscribers. Some consumer advocates say that if the merger is approved, cable TV bills will go up and the new company will have too much control over program content, high speed Internet access and price. Diane’s guests were Berin Szoka President, TechFreedom; Susan Crawford Visiting Professor, Harvard’s Kennedy School and Harvard Law School; and Gautham Nagesh, reporter, The Wall Street Journal. Audio is below: