VIDEO: @NYTECHCouncil – The Economics of #Cloud Computing

New York Technology Council – The Economics of Cloud Computing – Myths and facts about the true cost of cloud computing – at EisnerAmper NYC on November 7 2013.

Several high-profile companies have made statements over the past year, claiming that the cost of operating in the cloud is higher than they could achieve by building their own data centers. The NY Technology Council hosted a panel discussion on the economic issues of cloud computing.

Topics included:

  • How much does cloud computing really cost?
  • Can you perform an accurate TCO analysis of cloud computing?
  • When might a traditional data center make sense over the cloud?
  • Are there other benefits to cloud computing that need to be considered

Aaron Klein – Co-Founder, CloudCheckr Inc
Lenny Herold – Head of Infrastructure Solutions, Corsis
Dianne O’Brien – Senior Director of Business Development for Cloud & Enterprise, Microsoft

Andrew Brust, Founder/CEO, Blue Badge Insights

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