VIDEO: Access Code: Demo Day @Coalition4QNS

On July 29 2013 the Coalition for Queens presented Access Code: Demo Day at the See Me exhibition space in Long Island City, NYC. Access Code is an 8-week, 50-hour tech education and entrepreneurship development program that provides immigrant entrepreneurs with the skills & mentorship to build and launch high-tech companies. In the first program, over the past eight weeks, twenty-two students worked hard learning the ins-and-outs of iOS development, and then split into four teams each tasked with producing a working app. The program received support from the City, and no less than two Congresspersons, and two Councilmembers, including the Chair of the Economic Development Committee Karen Koslowitz, showed up to say a few words. A keynote – a lengthy homily on perseverance – was delivered by entrepreneur Nihal Mehta. Video is below, the actual demos start 45 mins in.