InternetNZ PublicACTA event – April 10

Internet NZ, concerned about the secrecy with which Governments are negotiating the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), are oganizing a public forum PublicACTA to be held in the Town Hall in Wellington on 10 April 2010. Australian legal academic Kim Weatherall will be joining Canadian law professor Dr Michael Geist as prime speakers. More to be announced.

InternetNZ Policy Director Jordan Carter says:

“What is clear is that the negotiations extend well beyond trade and physical counterfeiting to include non-commercial infringement of copyright material by ordinary citizens, and digital rights management. This could affect everyone’s rights on the Internet and it is therefore very important that there is a forum for public discussion.

The aim of PublicACTA is to raise the public’s concerns, seek improvements to the Agreement, and provide an opportunity for people to connect and discuss the issues. The output will be an agreed statement that the public and interested organisations can sign up to, to be delivered to New Zealand government negotiators and politicians.”
A live webcast will be available. Follow on Twitter.