Kenya announces National Broadband Strategy #Kenya #broadband

KenyaNext Wednesday 23 July 2013 the Kenyan Government will launch its National Broadband Strategy (NBS).

The NBS is a major component in ‘Vision 2030‘, a plan that seeks to provide Kenyan citizens with a lifestyle that is equivalent to that of a newly industrialized country. In 2013 Vision 2030, launched in 2008, is undergoing a re-invigoration by the administration of newly-elected President Uhuru Kenyatta. The strategy recognizes the requirements of the Constitution of Kenya 2010 that provides for information access to all citizens as a basic right, with a stated goal “Broadband connectivity that is always on and that delivers a minimum of 5mbps to homes and businesses for high speed access to voice, data, video and applications for development.”

The following diagrams give greater detail:
Kenya NBS

The NBS includes a list of 10 principles that include universal and open access, competition over shared resources, transparency, and the right to interconnect. Building and transportation regulations will be adapted to cater to infrastructure needs. Technical education will be enhanced down to the primary school level. Recognizing the need for local content as an adoption driver, Government agencies will digitize and make available their information, two “neutral” national data centers will be established, and a system of incubators promoted. The cost of the NBS is estimated at a little over $3bn USD.