VIDEO: Gigabit Networks and the Future of the Internet @isocdc #isocdc #gigabit

ISOC DC GIGABITOn Tuesday July 16 2013 the Washington DC Chapter of the Internet Society (ISOC DC) presented Gigabit Networks and the Future of the Internet at Google DC. Panelists include, in person, Blair Levin, former executive director of the National Broadband Plan now with the Aspen Institute’s GigU Project initiative and, via Google Hangout, Craig Settles, author of Building the Gigabit City and the host of the popular radio program Gigabit Nation, and also Milo Medin, Google’s VP of Access Services, and the lead on its fiber effort. Moderator was Michael Nelson of Bloomberg News. The event was webcast live on the Internet Society livestream channel. Video is below. The first couple of minutes are missing.

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When many of us first logged onto the Internet, having a megabit connection seemed impossible. Today, network speeds a thousand times faster are both possible and affordable and broadband networks drive productivity and economic growth. In January, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski announced the Gigabit City Challenge to have at least one gigabit network in all 50 states by 2015. Currently, there are 13 gigabit city networks in various phases of operation, allowing innovators to develop next-generation applications. How are they using these networks? How will businesses, governments, and schools leverage them to increase job growth, innovation and productivity? What will it take for these local projects to grow and meet the challenge?