VIDEO: House hearing on Internet Governance legislation #netfreedom #house #wcit

e&cOn April 10 and 11 2013 the US House of Representives Energy and Commerce Committee Subcommittee on Communications and Technology held a hearing Markup of H.R. __, A Bill to Affirm the Policy of the United States Regarding Internet Governance While a similar resolution (against government regulation and supporting multistakeholderism) passed unanimously at the time of the WCIT last year, this attempt to pass similar language into law met with some opposition, as it might inhibit the FCC’s ability to regulate domestically, for example, net neutrality. The discussion highlighted partisan differences on the issue, but there was consensus that common ground could, and should, be found. Ultimately, it went back to the drawing board. Video is below.

April 10 (34 mins)

April 11 (10 mins)