VIDEO: @ITU, @InternetSociety, and @AFRINIC announce upcoming African events at #Africa_MIG_Works

On March 7 2013, speaking at the African Multi-stakeholder Internet Governance Meeting in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Andrew Rugege of the ITU; Walda Roseman of the Internet Society, and Adiel Akplogan of AFRINIC, took it in turns to announce upcoming conferences in Africa. Video is below

Add to your calendar:

  • June 17-21 2013 – Lusaka, Zambia – African Internet Summit (AFRINIC)
  • June 26-28 2013 – Kampala, Uganda – Africa Children Online Protection Summit (ACOP) (ITU)
  • July 13 -14 2013 – Durban, South Africa – DNS Forum (ISOC) (alongside ICANN 47)
  • October 28 – Nov 1 2013 – Kigali, Rwanda – Transform Africa Conference & Summit (ITU)

Both the ITU events present shifting targets as the ITU’s current pr announces Transform Africa as March 2013, and the ACOP eventbrite is dated June 4-7.