Video: Television and Disruptive Technologies: Copyright’s New Frontier @theCSUSA #copyright #television

On December 11, 2012 the Copyright Society of the USA NY Chapter presented: Television and Disruptive Technologies: Copyright’s New Frontier at The Princeton Club in NYC. A panel of experts discussed the current state of play for copyright in the TV space, what the future holds and how the copyright laws are likely to evolve as courts balance competing interests of the relevant stakeholders. Moderator Matthew Syrkin, of Hughes Hubbard & Reed, kicked the event off by presenting a short overview. Panelists were Dan Schnapp, of Hughes Hubbard & Reed; Richard Lehv, of Fross Zelnick Lehrman & Zissu; and Sandra Aistars, of the Copyright Alliance. Video is below. Sorry no captions / transcript, but there are slides.

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The television industry is moving in on the music industry as copyright’s new frontier thanks to a slew of internet-based, TV-focused services and technologies primed to disrupt the traditional TV ecosystem. Aided by the emergence of cloud-based storage and transmission technologies and dynamic, interactive advertising mechanisms, these technologies are transforming the traditional norms for TV delivery, consumption and advertising models – and raising new issues about the application of the copyright laws that traditionally secured the space.

A number of TV-based services and technologies have already been the subject of litigation, but technology companies are continuing to develop new and different offerings driven by the connected TV or “Smart TV” platform – such as automatic content recognition, second screen experiences, interactive ad placement/serving and TV apps. These developments present new opportunities for content creators, technology providers, advertisers and other relevant stakeholders alike, but still raise fundamental copyright questions about control over the medium and the content that drives the platform’s success.