New gTLD Program: Registry Operations Benchmarks published

As ICANN’s new GTLD process grinds forward, one aspect specified is that new applications should be compared to benchmarks. This required that such benchmarks be established by research. The resulting KPMG study has just been published.

Some of the findings include:

  • Most use open source database and server operating systems.
  • The tech is not difficult. What has been a problem is accurately predicting take-up.
  • There generally has been less take-up that anticipated
  • Growth curves vary. What is certain is that immediate rates of take-up are a good indicator of the long term success.
  • The majority of respondents indicated that their liquidity improved over time.
  • Large registries ran operations in-house and had much much cheaper costs per registration ($1.74) than small registries, who normally outsourced operations ($15).

The report also suggests ICANN’s process is lacking in proper financial scrutiny of applicants